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 Your Health is My Concern!
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Experience isn't expensive it's priceless. 

 Since 1976, over 40 years of education, training and experience.                                                       Providing Chiropractic services with character, integrity and values.                                                         Affordable Chiropractic Care and Wellness Programs                                                                                   that includes Massage Therapy and Science Based Nutrition.                                                                         I am always faithful to those I serve. I work for YOU, not your insurance benefits.                                       
 Experience my Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Techniques 
 for muscle, nerve & joint pain care. Your Health is My Concern.
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    My mission is to promote health and wellness, and to relieve injury and illness with     physical examination, diagnostic assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of spinal     and joint disorders, soft tissue pain and disability care. 
    My purpose is to make a difference in my patients lives with my education, training,  
  and experience of over 40 years in practice.
    My goal is to help my patients live a healthy lifestyle and experience true well-being.         I provide work, auto accident and injury care, and if necessary, co-medical cooperation.     I utilize drugless and/or non-surgical pain management with chiropractic and physical         therapy techniques to increase energy, strength and flexibility with the services I provide.
      My passion is to empower my patients with the knowledge and benefits of Chiropractic 
    to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness from pediatrics to geriatrics.